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Meet Doug Wood of Sagewood Vineyard and Winery

Did you know that the family owned and operated Sagewood Vineyard and Winery was the first to be established in Kamloops?

Doug Wood of Sagewood Vineyard and Winery

Photo: Bonnie Pryce

Meet Doug Wood, Owner/Operator of Sagewood Vineyard and Winery, established in 2005. When Doug started creating Sagewood’s iconic award winning wines, he wanted to take his beloved hobby of gardening and transform it into a new career by trying his hand at growing grapevines. If you haven't tried Sagewood wines, you must - this will confirm his hobby worked out well.

Doug’s original plan was to plant four different types of grapevines so that he could attempt five different types of wine: two red, two white and one rose. As he started connecting with the wine community, other viticulturists provided Doug with clippings from their vines so he tried to grow those ones too. Fast forward to today and Sagewood Winery has 17 varietals and 20 different wines.

Doug Wood of Sagewood Vineyard and Winery

Photo: Bonnie Pryce

Doug is part of every piece of the Sagewood experience. He has planted 98% of

the vines that are in the ground today, completed 100% of the winemaking, does all of the marketing, and he’s in the tasting room seven days a week during the summer. Doug is Sagewood and he knows every process, step and story inside and out which allows him to create the most memorable experiences for his guests.


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