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Meet Nicole McLaren from Raven Reads

Nicole McLaren is the founder and CEO of Raven Reads, an Indigenous inspired and owned subscription box company. Nicole’s mixed-heritage and Indigenous roots fueled her passion to find impactful ways to engage, inspire and motivate those around her.

Nicole McLaren, CEO of Raven Reads

Photo: Bonnie Pryce

The company was created because of Nicole’s innate desire to educate others about the devastating impact that residential schools had on Indigenous people in Canada, to raise awareness of our collective histories and lived experiences, and to support Indigenous authors and entrepreneurs. Since their inception, the Raven Reads team has injected over $500,000 back into Indigenous based businesses across Canada and the USA.

Raven Reads subscription boxes amplify Indigenous voices and brands, create a stronger position in the economy to grow healthier communities and create opportunities for these entrepreneurs, authors and communities to share their work.

Nicole McLaren, CEO of Raven Reads

Photo: Bonnie Pryce

‘As many of us do, I frequently ask myself what does reconciliation mean and what role can I play in this? I know that reconciliation means different things to different people. To many, it’s about establishing and maintaining a mutually respectful relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in this country. For that to happen, there must be awareness of our collective past along with action that will change behaviour.

We are not there yet. The relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples is not a mutually respectful one.

But I believe we can get there.’


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