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Meet Praveen Premchandran of Vayu Aviation

Updated: Jan 22

Meet Praveen Premchandran, pilot, flight instructor and co-owner of Vayu Aviation in Kamloops. Praveen grew up in India and after working in Kamloops in aviation for period of time, left to pursue his career only to return when the mountains called him back, bringing along his plans to launch Vayu Aviation.

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The inaugural Vayu flight took place in Kamloops in November 2020, making Kamloops the official Vayu Aviation headquarters. Vayu offers both flight instruction and aerial tours of the Thompson Valley and is founded by a team of pilots and flight instructors united by their lifelong passion for aviation and true love for airplanes.

Praveen Premchandran of Vayu Aviation

Becoming a pilot can be a passionate hobby or a lucrative career for many, and Vayu Aviation offers both recreational and professional flight training right here in Kamloops, keeping students in the Thompson Valley rather than having to go to larger centres for their training. ‘It makes me so proud when I see students achieve different goals in their flight training, be it their first flight, their first solo, or when they get their license. I love that I get to be a part of their journey and share my passion.’

Vayu Aviation's pride and joy, the Zenair 601 Zodiac via @vayuaviation on Instagram

People visit Vayu Aviation for three reasons: to try their hand at flying, to learn to fly, or to take an aerial tour of our beautiful region. All three of these reasons create an intense feeling of excitement; some might even say it creates butterflies.


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