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Meet Roberta Nechvatal of Eat Clean Express and Meal Prep

Meet Roberta Nechvatal, owner/operator of Eat Clean Express and Meal Prep. Roberta is a former competitive bodybuilder who has always had a passion for meal prep.

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When Roberta started toying with the idea of opening up her own restaurant, her idea was focused on meal prep and clean eating. People were always commenting on her ability to meal prep; the concept of preparing whole meals to ensure you have balanced, nutritious meals prepared ahead of your busy work week.

Roberta Nechvatal of Eat Clean Express & Meal Prep

When Roberta came across the Eat Clean franchise, she knew that it was a great fit and courageously opened up Eat Clean four weeks before the pandemic. The Eat Clean team takes immense pride in their nutritious meal planning and their ability to provide not only healthy meals, but a service and products that allow their customers to spend more time with friends and family.

Eat Clean provides both a dine-in option and pick up for the health conscious as well as the entire menu in two different forms: the original menu and a vegan version of the same menu to cater to the vegan community and those with food sensitivities, both demographics that have been vastly underserved in the Kamloops area.

Eat Clean Express & Meal Prep is located at #102 - 795 McGill Rd in Kamloops

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Roberta is aware that not everyone understands food and healthy eating to a degree that can help them make informed decisions and it is her passion to provide the education and meals that will support her customers to live a happier, healthier life. She loves to promote, educate, and support people in their health journey creating wellness in the Thompson Valley.


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