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Meet Sheila Munro of Dropping Form Designs

Sheila Munro is the founder of Dropping Form Designs. Sheila discovered her talent as an artist at a young age and focused on painting, drawing and murals, but it wasn’t until she moved from Manitoba to BC that she realized she could take her passion for art and turn it into a career.

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Sheila was inspired by the vast number of local entrepreneurs when she arrived in BC. It was so much more common to make a living doing what you love and when she met other business owners and learned of their balanced lifestyle, it sparked an idea: wearable art. Sheila realized that wearable art could be enjoyed by the owner in so many more places than her original 2d forms; One could enjoy wearable art while backpacking through another country instead of just enjoying it from home.

Sheila Munro of Dropping Form Designs Photo: @droppingformdesigns

‘The most beautiful things in this world are nature's raw creations. I am continuously awestruck as I source new and exotic materials to work with. In 2007, I took a trip to Thailand, and had what some may call a spiritual awakening and while for many years I had put my artistic endeavors on the shelf, I came back with a renewed urge to express and bring beauty into this world.’

Dropping Form Designs at the Calgary Comic Expo

Photo: @droppingformdesigns

Sheila is passionate about seeing people be true to themselves and loves that her pieces give people the freedom to express themselves and show off their individuality.


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