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Meet Vicci Weller of the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission

Meet Vicci Weller, Film Commissioner for the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission. Vicci connects the film industry to our beautiful region by marketing the Thompson-Nicola as a location of choice.

Vicci Weller, Film Commission for the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission

Photo: Bonnie Pryce

On a daily basis, Vicci works with location scouts, professional photographers, guides, business owners, persons with special expertise and production companies to have motion picture and digital media productions filmed in the region.

Not only is it cool to see our region on the big screen (check out the Past Productions page on the Film Commission’s website), the film industry is a fantastic economic booster, and a great way to put our region on the map. Local service providers, hotels, restaurants, and rental agencies are just a few of the industries that are positively impacted by filming.

Vicci’s favourite part of the job is connecting different sectors and people to the project. She loves when she’s able to give someone an opportunity for another revenue stream by renting out their field or quaint coffee shop to use as a film set.

Vicci Weller, Film Commission for the Thompson-Nicola Film Commission

Photo: Bonnie Pryce

The film industry used to be seen as an industry for the elite; now we all get to experience it. Maybe you’re part of a scene with your favourite actor, or part of the crew and experiencing the action from the inside, or you’re a local business hired by the film company during a trying time. I love seeing what the industry can do for our region.

The movies filmed here are done with amazing stunts and special effects that bring magic to the set, the movie, the region, and the big screen. I love being able to create that magic.’


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